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Gunning for a Peaceful Central Africa

The political and security situation in the Central African Republic was the focus for Heads of States who attended a mini-summit in the Angolan capital Launda Tuesday. Presidents of Angola, Rwanda, Congo and the Central African Republic took part in this closed-door meeting where they welcomed the recent resolution 2566 of the United Nations Security Council that approved an increase of 2,750 military personnel to reinforce the existing contingent in the CAR. “it is important that from now on all the actors, having at the head the president Archange Touaderá, with the support of the International Conference on the Great Lakes region (ICGLR), the Economic Community of Central African States (CEEAC), the African Union, work in harmony in the establishment of a clear roadmap, which is framed in the spirit of the United Nations resolutions and guarantees the dialogue and the permanent consultation with the political actors and the civil society, in order to energize the agreement of Khartoum’’, the Angolan president said.