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Govt Should Setup A COVID-19 Corruption Tribunal – Kathrada Foundation

The Ahmed Kathrada Foundation recommended that government sets up a COVID-19 corruption tribunal to deal with any wrongdoing linked to the misappropriation of resources meant to help South Africans during the pandemic.

The foundation together with other civil society groups have come up with suggestions on how government can ensure that funds dedicated to the social and economic relief reach those that need them the most.

The special investigating unit (SIU) announced in Parliament last week that it received at least 19 COVID-19 corruption-related cases.

Some communities have reported that food parcels intended for the vulnerable are being used by some politicians for their personal benefits.

The civil society organisations said they want clear details of how the R500 billion stimulus package is being used and where the money is going.

The Ahmed Kathrada Foundation’s spokesperson Neeshan Bolten said: “It is such information that will ensure that others can monitor value for money of these contracts, and once it is known where they are meant to be going, beneficiary communities or recipients would be aware of what is supposed to be coming their way.”

The organisations said transparency will increase the public’s trust in the government.