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Gordhan Adamant He Never Set Up A Rogue Unit

Public Enterprises Minister Pravin Gordhan has again denied that he set up a rogue unit within the South African Revenue Service.

Gordhan was cross-examined by Tom Moyane’s lawyer advocate Dali Mpofu at the state capture commission on Tuesday.

Mpofu said some of the members of the unit confessed to Moyane but Gordhan denies instructing anyone to work there.

Gordhan said there was nothing wrong with a tax authority investigating non-compliance.

“Accurately, it was an investigative unit, it wasn’t a rogue unit. It was an investigating unit that was going to catch the rogues who are not paying tax.”

But Mpofu said members of the so-called rogue unit spilt the beans: “Lombard and De Vaal confessed to Mr Moyane about their involvement and of Mr Gordhan in the rogue unit activities including bugging the offices of the National Prosecuting Authority.”

Mpofu said Moyane laid a criminal complaint against Gordhan because of these allegations but Gordhan said the unit never took off because it didn’t have funding.