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Global Series Looking For Extraordinary South Africans To Star In Next Season Of ‘Free Range Humans’

Following the success of the launch of season one of Free Range Humans, South Africans are now encouraged to enter and stand a chance of being featured in season two of the international series. The lucky winner will also be awarded R 350, 000.00 to pursue a complete leap into their outdoor driven passion projects.

Season one of Free Range Humans featured two South Africans out of a cast of eight, chosen from over 500 entries from around the world and included food forager, Roushanna Gray and Zandile Ndhlovu, the country’s first black female freediving instructor.

“We’re looking for people who want to make big life changes – humans who inspire others to conquer their dreams and start living outside of their cages,”said Corona Africa Marketing Manager, Melanie Nicholson.

In the belief that we experience our best lives outside, with Free Range Humans, Corona wants to identify individuals globally who have taken the leap fully from their original routines into their passion projects, and find meaning in their lives outside.

In season one, Free Range Humans featured extraordinary individuals from around the world who had chosen the outdoor lifestyle in their dream jobs, from an artist in the UK who created coral reefs from underwater sculptures to a PR executive who left to found a female surf school, to an architect who leads sailing expeditions to eradicate plastic from our oceans.

Says Zandile Ndhlovu, who featured in season one: “Being part of Free Range Humans was life changing in many ways. I just knew I had to find a way to make the teaching of freediving my lifestyle. Importantly, it also empowered me to introduce communities who previously had no access to the ocean. It’s a wonderful chance to make a difference in other people’s lives.”

To stand a chance of winning R 350, 000.00 to enable you to live your “dream-job” for a year, simply tell Corona what you currently do, and the project or job you’d love to pursue if you had the funding to go free range and live a life outside at The competition closes on May 31st, 2021.