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Giggs Kgole Pays Tribute to His African Ancestors in His First Solo London Exhibition

A rising star in the art world, South African artist Giggs Kgole has mounted his first solo exhibition at London’s Signature African Art gallery. Entitled Badimo Ba K’gole (K’gole’s Gods), the works on display pay homage to his ancestors and impart messages from his sometimes harrowing personal history.  Featuring over 15 new pieces of work, Badimo Ba Kgole details near-death experiences and moments of hardship from Giggs’ life so far. Fans of the rising star, who has already been crowned one of the Mail and Guardian’s Top 200 Young South Africans, will be familiar with the style of composite photographic images and anaglyphs on display. So don’t be surprised if you attend the exhibition and are handed a pair of 3D viewing glasses. It is all part of the experience.