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Gigaba Unsure How Many Times He Met Guptas

Former Minister Malusi Gigaba told the Zondo commission that he does not deny knowing the Gupta brothers.

He says he has visited their residence and met their mother on one occasion.

“While I was minister of Public of Enterprises, my interactions with them did not increase or decrease, you know, they continued,” he said.

“As I said, I knew them so what I am not denying here is that I knew them as many people knew them, I also knew them. So I continued interacting with them on several occasions.”

When questioned about how many times he met the Guptas, Gigaba said he could not remember.

“Most important thing Mr chairman is not how many times you meet, interact or visit a friend or an acquaintance, the most important thing is what do you do with them and as I said, I had no business dealings so whatever interactions with them were just social and there were expectations from me.”

Gigaba took the stand at the inquiry after his estranged wife Norma Mngoma concluded her testimony.

Mngoma told the commission on Thursday that her husband was a frequent visitor to the Guptas and was under pressure to do their bidding.

She says Gigaba kept her informed of his visits to the Guptas.