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Gigaba Denies Mngoma’s Claims

Former minister Malusi Gigaba has once again rejected the allegations of his estranged wife, Norma Mngoma. 

Gigaba testified before the State Capture Inquiry on Monday.

“Now the affidavit as I have sought to highlight on a number of occasions contains some very serious contradictions that indicate that this is not the affidavit that she wrote or it is based on media narratives which have existed all along, to which I have not responded, I have sought to remain silent believing that the opportunity would come for me to sit before the chairperson and to answer to the many allegations,” he said.

He also says the issue of the Guptas’ naturalisation was quite extensive.

Their applications were denied and they appealed. 

Malusi Gigaba says he also did not know that former SAA board chairperson, Dudu Myeni fed information to then-President Jacob Zuma.

Gigaba’s estranged wife, Norma Mngoma has alleged that he would complain about Myeni.

But he has told the commission otherwise. 

“I am not aware of any information that Ms. Myeni would feed to the former president. If I needed to discuss issues with the board of SAA, I either convened the chairperson and the CEO of the board and discussed issues with them or request special general meetings with the board in order to raise certain issues or the department would engage either the board or the executive management of SAA to discuss matters relating to the airline,” he said.

“Any other thing that seeks to suggest that there was information that Ms. Myeni fed to the former president is a fabrication.”

Gigaba has also denied receiving bags of cash from the Guptas.

He’s also lambasted his estranged wife Norma Mngoma for fabricating allegations against him.

In her last appearance before the commission, Mngoma said her husband was a frequent visitor to the Guptas and was under pressure to do their bidding.