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Ghana’s Tech Solution for Coronavirus Tracking

Officials have launched an application for mobile phones that is intended to help the authorities track and identify suspected cases of coronavirus. The government says the app will be a game changer in the fight against the pandemic and that around 100 suspected cases have already been identified using the app. The app will track the movement of users via GPS, enabling authorities to identify persons who might have come into contact with a confirmed case. It will also be used to monitor whether individuals advised to self-isolate are doing so, although it is unclear what the consequences will be for those who fail to comply. It will be available in six local languages, but with smartphone usage at around 35% the reach of the app may be limited. There have been concerns about the security of personal data on the app but the ministry of communication has said the data is encrypted to guarantee confidentiality. Ghana has conducted tests on 37,000 people so far and has 636 confirmed cases of the virus, including eight deaths.