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Ghanaian Officials are Betting they can Ramp Up Annual Tourist Receipts by around 60%

The plan is to attract more African diaspora holidaymakers in December — a key source of revenue as the country battles an economic crisis. The West African country has become known for its vibrant Christmas season during which thousands of Black people from the United States, United Kingdom and Europe visit for a range of events and parties known by tourists as “Detty December.” The government — which has branded the festive period as “December in GH” — announced late last month that all visitors to Ghana could get a visa on arrival from Dec. 1 to Jan. 15. Authorities hope that removing the need for a pre-travel visa for that 46-day period, along with events targeting people of African descent such as the Panafest and Emancipation arts festival and the Africa Basketball Festival, will help meet its goal of generating $3.4 billion in tourism revenue.