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Ghana Pulls Out All the Stops for Survivors of Black Wall Street

Survivors of the Tulsa massacre, one of the worst racist killings in US history, that occurred 100 years ago, are in Ghana for a week-long visit. Viola Fletcher, 107, known as “Mother Fletcher”, and her brother Hughes Van Ellis, 100, known as “Uncle Red”, were children in 1921 when a mob of armed white people descended on Greenwood, a district in Tulsa, Oklahoma, known then as Black Wall Street, one of the most prosperous predominantly black areas in the US. It is estimated 300 black people were killed. The siblings, who are accompanied by their children and grandchildren, arrived at the Kotoka International Airport in Accra on Saturday, they were welcomed with signs reading “welcome home”. The trip has been sponsored by the Diaspora African Forum and Our Black Truth, a social media platform where African descendants can learn about their history, the report says. Ghana has been running a campaign encouraging African Americans to “Return Home”, as a way of reconnecting to the continent their forefathers left as slaves.