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Ghana is Moving to the “Elimination Phase” in its Longstanding Battle with Malaria

Dr Patrick Aboagye, director general of the Ghana Health Service, told Semafor Africa the West African country has “seen a massive reduction in the malaria case load and malaria fatality has gone down” since RTS,S, the first malaria vaccine approved by the World Health Organization (WHO), was first piloted four years ago. Major investment is being put into ensuring that African countries have access to existing and ground breaking vaccines. Up to $1 billion will be allocated to boost vaccine manufacturing in Africa under a new scheme set up by Gavi, a vaccine alliance. The aim of the African Vaccine Manufacturing Accelerator is to increase local production of vaccines. Under the initiative, announced last week and due to be launched in June 2024, the African accelerator will pay manufacturers if their vaccines are approved by the World Health Organization. It would enable African countries to choose shots made on the continent for the same as it would cost to import from outside the continent.