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Ghana Is Finally Getting the Skate Park It Deserves with Help from Virgil Abloh and Daily Paper

Thanks in good part to Instagram, skateboarding has developed a huge following in Accra over the past few years, but venues have been scarce.  After significant effort on the part of NGO’s and support from high profile people like Virgil Abloh, it appears that a skate park is finally about to grace Ghana’s capital. Prominent crew, Skate Nation, and Surf Ghana, an NGO that supports outdoor sports in the West African country, Accra could have a state-of-the-art ramp by July 2021. A location is already secured in the Dzorwulu district and a finished blueprint has been drawn up for the project, to be called Freedom Skate Park. Abloh, who first heard of Skate Nation through Vogue, quickly reached out to see how he could support the crew, and has agreed that he and his design studio Alaska Alaska will craft the brand identity of the skate ramp, including the park’s logo, the design of the skate house, and furniture, in collaboration with Limbo Accra. In addition, Off-White and Daily Paper will be releasing a series of exclusive capsule collections to benefit the project, with the first launching on December 21 at a pop-up in Accra at the Mhoseenu gallery and online on January 15.