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G&G Productions Launches UMOYA To Celebrate SA Music Through Storytelling

G&G Productions proudly unveiled UMOYA, an indoor musical journey that pays homage to the cultural tapestry of South African music. At the launch, Mabunda, the guest speaker, spoke passionately about cultivating arts and empowering youth. He said, “Our economic revival as a country lies not only in manufacturing and mineral exports but in harnessing our incredible talent across all sectors- we should not forget that arts and entertainment is one of them.” Mabunda stressed the industry holds significant potential for job creation, skill development, and social impact, particularly in addressing the challenges faced by the youth. 

UMOYA’s commitment to excellence extended beyond the music and visuals. The production team meticulously designed an immersive environment that enhanced the overall experience, ensuring that every detail aligns with the theme. From the striking stage design to the stunning lighting and 

audio effects, the beautiful performance by Karyendasoul alongside Zakes Bantwini, and live custom art by Samurai Farai, no aspect of the production was left untouched. 

As the MC for the evening, Maps Maponyane masterfully guided guests through the intricacies of UMOYA, setting the stage for a night filled with awe-inspiring performances and powerful narratives. Walsh took the opportunity to announce UMOYA’s artisan empowerment project, designed to empower local artisans and boost individual careers within the South African music industry. 

“UMOYA is more than just an incredible musical experience. It is a platform that strives to uplift and grow the careers of talented artisans. Through the artisan empowerment project, a purpose-led initiative that lies at the very heart of UMOYA’s commitment, we aim to provide these individuals with the support, resources, and opportunities they need to thrive, ensuring the sustainability and growth of South African music,” said Greg Walsh, CEO of G&G Productions. “We believe that working with up-and-coming talent in this way will also unlock more authentic South African spirit (UMOYA) into our final product and experience,” added Walsh. 

South Africa is set to embrace a once-in-a-lifetime event with the upcoming launch of UMOYA in February 2024. This extraordinary occasion marks the global unveiling of a grand event that will redefine the boundaries of Afrofuturism music. With an exceptional fusion of theatre and music, this high-end production promises to deliver a transformative experience like never before. 

Afro, Afrohouse, Afrotech, and Amapiano have taken the continent and world by storm. We always made great music in South Africa but suddenly, we’re recognized, truly! All over the world. Yet there is no South African show to underpin the music, tell its story, share its message and history, and give global fans a feeling of all of the other incredible skills in South Africa beyond the music. 

UMOYA production is proud to introduce a concept that pushes the boundaries of music and

storytelling, injecting new life into remarkable music genres. By fusing mesmerizing visuals, captivating music, and unlimited storytelling, this mega production promises an unforgettable musical odyssey that celebrates the cultural legacy and futuristic vision that shapes the soundscape of South Africa.