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Get Cracking With Chef Kerry Kilpin On World Egg Day

  • 4 min read

Celebrate World Egg Day on Friday, 9 October with Executive Chef Kerry Kilpin and her famous Eggs Benedict breakfasts at Steenberg’s beloved Bistro Sixteen82 and Tryn restaurants.

From juicy pork belly to cured rainbow trout and exotic mushrooms topped with her legendary Hollandaise sauce, let Chef Kerry’s signature twists to this breakfast classic tantalise your taste buds. Paired with a fabulous glass of Steenberg Méthode Cap Classique makes this the ultimate breakfast experience.

Mounted on crispy golden potato rosti, Bistro Sixteen82’s Eggs Benedict with tender pork belly bacon is a hearty choice to kick start the day. Delicately smoked rainbow trout steals the show on Eggs Royale, or opt for the Mushroom Benedict with an assortment of shrooms for your #meatfreemonday fix.

If you prefer a more traditional take, make Tryn your Benedict breakfast destination. Savour Chef Kerry’s homemade English muffins and the familiar taste of grilled salty bacon on classic Eggs Benedict or go all out and spoil yourself to salmon trout with Eggs Royale. For a slightly more waist-trimming option, Eggs Florentine on a bed of English spinach does the trick.

What better way to celebrate World Egg day than soaking up Steenberg’s crisp morning air in the Constantia Valley while enjoying Chef Kerry’s heavenly soft poached eggs steeped in creamy, buttery Hollandaise sauce. This annual day of celebration aims to highlight the often overlooked nutritional value and versatility of this shell cracking kitchen staple. Whether you prefer them poached, scrambled, boiled or sunny side up, there is no better way to start your day.

For adventurous home cooks, Chef Kerry shares her deluxe Salmon Benedict recipe to spoil your loved ones on World Egg Day. Poaching and making your own Hollandaise source can be a tricky business, but Chef Kerry has you covered with some handy tips before you get started.

To prevent the egg whites from dispersing, add some vinegar to the water before poaching. Another nifty tip is to crack the egg into a soup ladle and lower it into the boiling water, and be sure never to poach more than two eggs at a time.

The trick to a smooth and creamy Hollandaise is to use clarified butter. It’s quick and easy to make by removing the milk solids from the melted butter leaving just the pure golden liquid. To start, simmer your butter and as it begins to melt, skim off the foam forming on the top. Slowly drain or sieve the remaining liquid into a separate container for your clarified butter. You should be all set to enjoy Chef Kerry’s Salmon Benedict at home. For more of Chef Kerry’s recipes follow @SteenbergFarm on Instagram, Facebook and Youtube.

Salmon Benedict By Chef Kerry Kilpin

Serves 4

To Serve

4 x 50g Smoked Salmon

120g English Spinach

10g butter

8 eggs

10ml white wine vinegar

Place a pot of water on the stove with the vinegar and bring to simmer.  Using a spoon circulate the water in a gradual spiral.  Place one egg slowly at a time in to the water and poach till the desired cooking temperature. Pre-heat a pan to medium heat, place the butter and spinach and allow to wilt for 1minute, season with salt and pepper.

Hollandaise sauce

3 egg yolks

400g butter (Melt and clarify)

1 lemon

Hot Water

Salt and pepper

Heat your butter until piping hot.

In a food processor place your egg yolks with 10ml of hot water, blend till light and fluffy.  Gradually add the very hot butter allowing the mix to emulsify and the eggs to cook.

The sauce will thicken as you add the hot butter. If you find your sauce is getting very thick add a little more water to avoid it splitting. Season with salt and lemon juice.


2 potatoes grated

1 egg

Salt and pepper

Squeeze the grated potato to remove as much liquid as possible.  Mix the potato, egg and seasoning.  Divide the potato in 4. Heat a pan with a little oil.  Using a metal ring shape the potato rostis into rounds in the pan and fry.  Fry on a low heat until golden brown on both sides.

To Assemble

In the centre of a plate place the potato rosti, top with salmon, spinach and 2 poached eggs, drizzle with hollandaise sauce