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Gearing Africa’s Tourism Industry Post Pandemic

It will take the world tourism industry at least 10 months to recover from the effects of coronavirus, according to the UNWTO. For Africa, possibly longer. Some countries are already strategizing new policies to boost tourism in a post coronavirus era.  Sisa Ntshona, CEO of the South Africa tourism board says when borders finally open up, travel will be slow and Africa will need to make adjustments. It is really about positioning ourselves as a continent to be able to give all those requirements to the modern-day traveler,” Ntshona said. African countries need to focus on improving tourism services in order to attract tourists and stimulate growth in the industry. Ntshona says things will become more digital as technology will play a significant role in the accommodation and travel sectors. People will start to check into hotels virtually without going through receptionists. In the same way, they will buy airline tickets online and check-in themselves as opposed to at the counter.