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Gauteng Mulls Alcohol Ban, Makhura Says Decision Will Be Based On Evidence

Gauteng Premier David Makhura said his administration was discussing the possibility of calling for another ban on the sale of alcohol in the province.

Makhura said they had noticed a spike in trauma admissions in hospitals related to alcohol consumption.

However, he said they wanted evidence to support their strategy and not to be led by emotions.

The premier said the provincial government had not taken a decision on reinstating the ban on alcohol sales.

He said the matter was only under consideration.

“We would like to approach this matter from the evidence. We would not like to have an emotional relationship within a debate, we want to demonstrate whatever decision that is to be made. If we say the results that we are seeing is more violence, more motor vehicle accidents that are associated with alcohol, we will come to that conclusion.”

The Eastern Cape government has called for alcohol to not be sold in the province, saying it contributed to the spread of the coronavirus.