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Gauteng Government Sets Aside Over R87 Million For Homeless Programs

The Gauteng government has set aside over R87 million for homeless programs.

Morakane Mosupyoe, MEC for Social Development in Gauteng, said the province’s government is concerned about the growing number of homeless people.

“It is estimated that the Johannesburg and Tshwane metros have the highest homeless population in Gauteng, with over 25 000 homeless people.””It is therefore in the department’s interest that a concerted effort be made to deal with homelessness and ensure that homeless people are supported and integrated back into their families and communities,” Mosupyoe said.

greatest impact on homeless people, and the Gauteng executive council approved a five-year homelessness strategy known as the Gauteng City Region Strategy on Adult Street Homelessness.

According to the department, research conducted by the Cape Metropolitan Council found that homeless people were among the most vulnerable members of society, suffering from illiteracy, substance abuse, hunger, malnutrition, and inadequate shelter.They are also vulnerable to sexual and criminal abuse, as well as physical and mental health issues.

Mosupyoe, who was responding to the Gauteng legislature on Monday about the funding of a homeless shelter, said R87.4 million had been allocated to municipalities to deal with homelessness in the province since the start of the current fiscal year.