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Gardee Family Says Their Faith In The SAPS Is Dented

The Gardee family says it’s lost faith in the police after they failed to discover the bullet wound on her head.

Family spokesperson Sinawo Thambo briefed the media a little earlier, saying they hope the police will redeem themselves by at least finding the killers.

“The discovery of the bullet is long overdue, it no longer adds substance to the conversation,” Thambo said.

“We’ve communicated already that it has dented our faith in the policing system, that they can miss such a critical thing at a crime scene.

“That crime scene no longer adds value anymore because they missed a crucial part of it. We’ll be waiting for updates from them.

“Hopefully they can redeem themselves and find the killers in due course so that the family can have a sense of closure of why this happened to their daughter,” he said.

“We’re not going to enter into an engagement with the statements of the SAPS. They must do their jobs, that is all we expect of them.”

Gardee will be laid to rest on Saturday.