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Gabonese MP in France Condemns Racist Caricature

A French right-wing magazine has been slammed for publishing a sketch which depicts a black socialist MP as a slave. The publication Valeurs actuelles – meaning “current values” – printed the picture showing politician Danièle Obono wearing an iron collar around her neck. The sketch came as part of an article accusing Africans of colluding in slavery. Ms Obono, who was born in Gabon and is a deputy in the National Assembly for the left-wing party France Unbowed, tweeted the image with the caption: “The far right – odious, stupid and cruel”. She later wrote: “This image is an insult to my ancestors, my family and my political movement. An indelible stain.” “And I am more determined than ever to fight against #racism, for freedom, equality and fraternity,” she added. The magazine has apologised to Ms Obono but maintains that the article was not racist. In a statement on Twitter, the magazine said it had placed Ms Obono back in the context of 18th Century slavery as part of a fictional feature series.