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Freelancing in Africa: A Growing Trend On the Continent

Freelancing is rapidly growing across Africa. This way of working provides a variety of opportunities, for both men and women, that run parallel with the economic dynamism that the continent is currently experiencing. An increasing number of companies are choosing this new model of employment.  In a study conducted by financial services company Payoneer, around 21,000 freelancers from 170 countries around the globe were interviewed. The report shows that Africa holds 10.1% of the world’s freelancers – and could continue to grow. Freelance work can be found across sectors: from economics and graphic design, to translation, writing, photography, and computer science. Younger generations are wanting to define their own career path and work hours, which translates to companies having difficulty in finding candidates ready to conform to traditional employment policies. The rise of self-employment in Africa today is structural. The economy of countries on the continent has changed, along with the means by which to create added value to work. The business models of traditional companies have been challenged by the double blow of the virtual economy and globalization, which are spreading rapidly throughout the continent. In addition, new professions have emerged alongside the development of the web economy over the past ten years. These professions, which are not dynamic in terms of job creation, have one thing in common: it only takes a computer and an internet connection to be able to get to work. We can work anywhere, at any time.