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Freedom Front Plus Joins Government Of National Unity

The Freedom Front Plus (FF+) has recently become a member of the government of national unity (GNU).

After being invited, the party deliberated and chose to join the GNU to “help restore and rebuild South Africa.”

Initially, the FF+ had only supported the concept of the GNU. However, by Thursday, it had signed the statement of intent.

Following the PAC and Patriotic Alliance (PA), the FF+ also joined, further bolstering the GNU’s presence in the National Assembly.

FF+ president Pieter Groenewald expressed the party’s intention to leverage this opportunity to further its policies and fulfill its commitment to its voters to rescue South Africa from disaster.

Despite opposing certain ANC policies such as BEE, the FF+ aims to use this new position to influence the creation of improved policies that will set the nation on a better path.

Additionally, the party mentioned that the Phala Phala impeachment process might warrant a reevaluation in the upcoming seventh Parliament.

Being a part of the GNU allows the FF+ to engage in activities like the national dialogue, which is part of the GNU’s initiatives.