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Former Ethekwinii Mayor Zandile Gumede Corruption Trial Continues

Former Ethekwinii mayor Zandile Gumede’s trial continues despite the fact that one of the accused is still awaiting legal representation.

Gumede and twenty-one co-defendants have been charged with fraud, larceny, money laundering, and racketeering in connection with corruption at the Durban Solid Waste Department.The trial was postponed until Monday because one of the defendants is still awaiting legal aid.

In the interim, however, a lawyer who is already representing another defendant has consented to step in.

When proceedings resumed on Monday, the court was expected to hear feedback regarding legal aid for defendant number nine, Cynthia Nzuza.

As stated by the judge on Friday, there is no assurance that legal aid will respond by Monday.

The court also learned that Jay Naidoo, who is already representing five other defendants, will represent Nzuza in the interim.

However, there is still no confirmation on when legal aid will respond to Nzuza but its board will be meeting on Tuesday.

Gumede and others are charged with over 2,700 counts in this case, which is scheduled to continue until next Tuesday.