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Former AliExpress Boss Delivers on His Pledge

Ethiopia and Rwanda have received the first batch of coronavirus test kits and prevention materials donated by Chinese billionaire Jack Ma to 54 African countries. President Paul Kagame tweeted his gratitude to Jack Ma on behalf of Rwandans after receiving the kits and thanked the billionaire for “huge shot in the arm” to prevent the spread of the virus on the continent. Ethiopia Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, who will oversee the distribution of the medical supplies to other African countries said he had received the test kits in a tweet on Sunday. He added that the kits will distributed throughout Africa starting Monday. Ma announced a donation of a total of 1.1 million testing kits, six million masks, and 60,000 protective suits and face shields to help the continent in its fight against the new coronavirus last week. The tech billionaire and co-founder of Alibaba said the Jack Ma foundation will work with local medical institutions on the continent to provide online training material for coronavirus clinical treatments.