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Forget “Things” – Holidays Are The New Must-Have Gift For Travel Hungry South Africans

  • 3 min read

Travel hungry South Africans can now save for their next holiday with a new travel-registry service.

Research has shown that the majority of people – young and old – are choosing experiences over possessions – opting out of accumulating things and exploring experiences instead.  On top of the list of experiences that people are saving for is travel, with studies revealing that as much as 65 percent of millennials are currently saving money to travel.

In light of this, and good news for travel hungry South Africans, is that an innovative new travel registry called Travel-It-Forward has been launched which allows people the chance to put money aside to afford their next holiday.  The service also works as a gift-registry where others can contribute towards someone else’s adventure – perfect for a wedding where couples are not wanting household goods and appliances as gifts from their guests, and great for birthday, anniversary, engagement, graduation and Christmas gifts.

“Travel-It-Forward is also a fantastic way for businesses to reward their staff – what better gift than the gift of travel, and what better thanks than money towards a memorable travel experience?” asks Theresa Prins, the founder and owner of Travel-It-Forward.

“The service is basically a combination of a gift-registry meets an e-wallet and allows would-be-travellers to save towards their own experience and also allows them to request contributions into their travel wallet from friends and family – instead of purchasing a normal gift.”

“Many people are currently in a situation where they are travel starved after months of lock down but have reduced income.  Travel-It-Forward allows you to dream and plan for your next trip without having to commit to the finer details right now.”

Prins has partnered with a selection of some of the finest hotels and hospitality establishments in South Africa that travellers can book through their Travel-It-Forward wallet.  Travel It Forward also offers a selection of adventures and experiences such as helicopter flips, wine trams, and double-decker bus tours to make your holiday that much more memorable.  For every R1000 spent, travellers get 3.5% back in credit which goes into their Travel-It-Forward wallet for their next adventure.

To get started, customers register online to become a member of Travel-It-Forward and once registered you will be kept up to date on the latest deals, offerings, and news.  Once registered you are also able to transact on this site. 

Prins explains there are three different transaction options.  Option 1 allows you to find the accommodation and experience that you want, add it to your cart and conclude your purchase.  Option 2 allows you to buy travel credits for someone else, or request others to buy credits for yourself, to go towards your holiday experience.  Option 3 allows you to go to the e-Wallet facility and top up the account with how ever much money you want. 

This can be one lump sum, or a few smaller amounts over a period. Once you have accumulated enough money in your e-Wallet, you can proceed to purchase the accommodation you want using the money in your e-Wallet.

“South Africa has so much to offer and some of the most incredible places to see and things to do.  If there is one thing we learned over the past year, it is to appreciate what we have in our backyard and with Travel-It-Forward you can now start saving up for the holiday of your dreams.”

For more information or to register with Travel It Forward visit