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Forecasts Paint a Bright Future for Africa’s Diversified Economies

Sub-Saharan Africa will see moderate but positive growth of 2.7% this year, a welcome rebound from the region’s first recession of 25 years in 2020 when the region shrank by an estimated -3.7%. But 2021 is probably going to be just as tough for African economies as it was in 2020. Last year, there was a 6.1% decline in per capita income in the region, the “deepest contraction on record,” says the World Bank in its latest global outlook. There’ll be a further 0.2% decline this year. Like many observers, the bank is worried that despite the commendable early efforts of African governments to lock down their economies from Covid-19 the pandemic has not really let off. Several countries are going through a second wave that is more severe than the first.