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Football Transfers are a Million-dollar Market for Africa

In 2022, African countries were key players in the global player transfer markets in three reporting categories; men’s football, women’s football, and amateur football. Nigeria, Ghana, and Côte d’Ivoire are listed among the top 10 globally in the number of transfers made in the Men’s Football category. Nigeria—ranked 5th—recorded 725 transfers in 2022, while Ghana recorded 515 transfers and is ranked 8th globally. The two earned $104.2 million and $17.4 million, respectively. Côte d’Ivoire closes the list of African countries in the top ten, at position nine globally, with 428 transfers earning $38.3 million. At the club level, African countries amassed in excess of $71.2 million from player transfers. While expenditure was relatively low, at $14.5 million, “receipts of African clubs exceeded their spending by more than $55 million.” Clubs from South Africa, Tunisia, Egypt, Sudan, Libya, and Morocco spent the most in player acquisition fees, while Côte d’Ivoire and Tunisia accumulated the most revenue from transfers. It is the first time that any African association has appeared among the top transfer streams, let alone on both sides of the stream.