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FOKN Bois and the New ‘Contradict’ Documentary Highlight Despair and Hope in Ghana

Ghanaian artists M3nsa and the Kubulor, also known as FOKN Bois, are making their return to the Norient Film Festival almost a decade after their initial appearance in ‘Coz Ov Moni,’ which was heralded as the world’s first pidgin musical.  This time they helm a documentary called ‘Contradict,’ which probes the music scene in Ghana to gain insight into some of the country and the world’s most pressing issues. The film attracted the attention of festival founder Thomas Burkhalter, who together with co-director Peter Guyer would go on to enlist FOKN Bois to be a large part of their doc, Contradict. It’s been screening at virtual festivals for the past year and won the Bernese Film Award last year.