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Flu Season, The Third Wave, And Household Hygiene

The arrival of the winter flu season this year comes almost at the same time as an expected resurgence in coronavirus infections and prospects of a ‘third wave’. It means personal responsibility for health and household hygiene is now more important than ever before.

“We saw last year a definite refocusing of efforts and attention on workplace cleaning, and I believe this same kind of focus is crucial when it comes to cleaning at home. Everyone’s focus is understandably on combating COVID19, but it is worth remembering that the common flu kills anything between 6,000 and 11,000 people in SA each year. If you add the coronavirus into this mix, the importance of proper household hygiene and cleaning measures becomes abundantly clear,” says Emma Corder, Managing Director of industrial cleaning products company Industroclean.

There are strong indications, she adds, that the country might soon go into some increased level of lockdown. Whether this materializes or not, the fact that people will be spending extended periods at home gives yet another motivating reason for increased household hygiene.

“There is no known remedy for the flu. Prevention is better than cure and knowing how to stop the spread of germs, you stand a lesser chance of getting sick or infecting others who are at high-risk,” says Corder.

Frequently touched household surfaces such as tables, doorknobs, light switches and others including computer keyboards, cell-phones and remote controls should continue to be regularly cleaned and disinfected. Using the correct cleaning methods and products is essential.

Other point to remember at home;

·         A good place to start is to invest in quality cleaning products.

·         If there is someone who has flu staying at home, thoroughly clean their room, paying attention to surfaces such as windows, mirrors, and door handles.

·         Wash curtains and bedding regularly.

·         Regularly clean the bathroom and kitchen and wipe down high-touch surfaces

·         Use double bin liners in litter baskets and wear disposable gloves when removing these.

·         Stock bathrooms with enough soap and, or hand sanitiser.

·         Replace hand towels with paper towels.

“We recommend that you make sure you buy the best possible cleaning products that you can afford. There are several quality multipurpose products available, which also adhere to the latest updated standards when it comes to hand sanitisers.

“You can protect your loved ones at home and keep them as healthy as possible, by following the same kind of strict health rules that are in force at your place of work,” says Corder.