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Five Android Apps To help You Improve Your Mental And Physical Wellness

  • 2 min read

During these times, we all need to pay attention to every aspect of our health – emotional, mental and physical. Neglect one of them and the others will surely suffer. If you’re finding it overwhelming to keep track of your wellness goals and activities or need inspiration, technology can help. Alcatel offers some tips to improve your wellness with the help of your Android smartphone:

1.       Mindfulness: Stop Breathe Think

The award-winning Stop Breathe Think app, formerly known as MyLife Meditation, teaches you how to meditate. Stop Breathe offers daily wellness check-ins and suggests activities personalised to how you feel. Learn to maintain perspective on your mental and physical wellness journey. Develop simple habits so you can get to a better place in just a few minutes a day.

2.       Stress management: Aura

With a community of 5 million people, this is the world’s most personalised, all-in-one app for mental wellness. It features thousands of mindfulness meditations, stories and sleep tales, life coaching, cognitive behavioural therapy, hypnosis, music and sounds, and more. Aura brings together the world’s best coaches, therapists, and storytellers with diverse expertise and creates a magical experience just for you.

3.       Physical fitness: Centr

This app, backed by Chris Hemsworth – the MCU’s Thor – offers personalised health and fitness guidance from the world’s best trainers, chefs and well-being experts. It’s all tailored to you; your goal, fitness level and diet preferences. There are meal plans and snacks you’ll love, workouts and programmes you’ll look forward to, and practical techniques to keep your head in the game.

4.       Sleep: Sleep Cycle

Relax, sleep better and start waking up feeling rested with Sleep Cycle, a smart alarm clock and sleep tracker. You can use this free app to monitor sleeping patterns using your phone, from the moment your head hits the pillow to waking up in the morning. You’ll get access to a daily analysis of your pattens and trends. There’s also a premium library of relaxing sounds and meditation sessions.

5.       Emotional wellbeing: Mood Mission

Mood Mission helps you learn new and better ways of coping with stress, low mood, depression, and anxiety. Tell Mood Mission how you’re feeling and it will give you a tailored list of five Missions that can help you feel better and improve your wellbeing. Missions are mental health strategies that are quick, easily achievable, and backed up by scientific evidence.