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Five African Countries Rank Among the Top 20 “Countries for Fearless Women”

Angola has the highest percentage of women-owned businesses globally. According to TaiwanPlus, 35 per cent of Angolan women own a business, outpacing second-placed Guatemala (24.9 per cent). Notably, only 9.9 per cent of these women own established businesses. The rest (25.1 per cent) own early-stage businesses. Togo ranks fourth among African countries for “fearless” women in business, and 15th globally. But it ranks first globally for the percentage of “confident” women. According to data from Global Entrepreneurship Monitor, 92.6 per cent of Togolese women believe that they have the required knowledge, skills and experience to start a business. Burkina Faso has the global third-highest percentage of women who own businesses. One of the reasons is that it has the world’s fourth-highest percentage of women who are confident that they have enough skill, knowledge and experience to start a business (82%).