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Final Year Students Will Be Prioritised – Nzimande

Minister Blade Nzimande said under level 3 lockdown, a maximum of 33% of the students will be allowed back on campus and final students will be prioritised.

Nzimande said students will gradually return to campus at various stages of the lockdown.

He made the announcement on Saturday as the country prepares to ease lockdown regulations and re-open more sectors of the economy.

The higher education minister said not every student will be back on campus when tertiary institutions re-open.

“Higher health, which is our organisation which was initiated by our institutions to look after the health needs of staff and students, he review of the campus readiness component of the plans, which will assist to ensure that adequate COVID-19 health and safety standards are put into place across the PSET system.”

Nzimande said there will be time to allow students to return to their campuses.

“It means that access to websites from all of our institutions is essentially free, that is what zero-rating means. You are not going to be using your data to access these zero-rated sites. This is very important, it’s a very huge step.”

He said with these interventions, they hope the 2020 academic year will be saved.