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FENDI and African Studio MABEO Present Kompa Collection at Miami 2021

For the current Design Miami, Fendi collaborated with Botswana design firm, MABEO, to introduce a collection of ten new furniture pieces that reflect the collaborative efforts of artisans from across Botswana. Representing the fusion of a wide array of crafting traditions, the designs are stunning. Two works in the collection directly reference the collaboration with FENDI. Firstly, the Efo stool, riffs on the iconic double F motif, fusing two distinct materials, clay and panga panga wood, to create a balance between material, technique and craft process. The modular wood and clay sculptures fit intimately into one another while remaining distinctly independent. Secondly, the Maduo chair, is a direct translation of a piece of o’ lock, jewelry designed by Delfina Delettrez Fendi for the roman house. The basic configuration of the original is respected through geometry and connection solutions, highlighting craft skill in subtle ways that are also practical to the chair’s construction.