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Fees Must Fall Activist Kanya Cekeshe To Be Released On Parole

Kanya Cekeshe’s lawyer said there was still no date set for when the Fees Must Fall activist will be released on parole.

Wikus Steyl said they were having discussions about when to apply for his client’s parole.

Cekeshe is among thousands of inmates who received a remission on his sentence granted by President Cyril Ramaphosa on Monday.

This means that Cekeshe immediately qualifies for parole.

Steyl said that the next step was to figure out when he could come home.

“I haven’t personally spoken to Kanya, I’ve left that up to his family to discuss the good news with him but I imagine he’s ecstatic and very happy. I had a long chat with the family and they were all in tears. It is absolutely good news. We must just now figure out how soon we can get Kanya out and how soon we can apply for his parole.”