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Feeling the Pinch of Nigeria’s Motorcycle Ban

Motorcycle hailing companies are pivoting towards alternative forms of transport following the ban on commercial motorcycles and tricycles in major parts of Lagos, Nigeria’s commercial nerve center. The city has experienced widespread disruption following a recent ban on motorcycle and tricycle taxis, popularly known as okada and keke Napep in the city. The ban went into effect on February 1 and prohibits drivers of those vehicles from using a number of routes in the city. Commuters have been left stranded, struggling with fare hikes, and getting onto packed public transport. Drivers of these vehicles also have to contend with the loss of income following the ban. Economic analyst Nonso Obikili, of the Turgot Centre for Economics and Policy Research says the ban will diminish investor confidence in the Lagos, particularly as the government previously encouraged these companies to invest millions of dollars in technology and manpower in the city.