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Farmers and Miners in Ivory Coast Embrace the Use of Drones for Light Work

Until recently, stock checks and growth reports are done on foot. But a drone has shown that it can go all this in record time. “With a drone today we can calculate the stockpile of gravel that’s been produced. The customers said if it’s true, we don’t see how a drone can do that, yes it’s possible. It goes through 3D machines, it goes through image processing and when we did the demonstration we did a very simple test, they filled a truck with gravel, they weighed it, they didn’t tell us the value and then they poured the same amount of gravel and they asked us to do it with the drone and the results were almost the same”, said Ivory Coast Drone CEO, Marouane Jebbar. The devices have been imported into Ivory Coast in parts. But the drones are reassembled and repaired in the country. Home-produced drones would cut costs and increase availability to local farmers. But project managers say a law imposed two years ago by the country’s Civil Aviation Authority is crippling development.