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Family Still in the Dark Over Ugandan Refugee’s Death in the UK

The Ugandan family of Mercy Baguma, who died in the UK where she had been seeking asylum, is angry with the British authorities over the investigation into her death. In August, her body was found in a flat in Glasgow near her crying child .But, three weeks on, the family is no closer to finding out what happened, Ms Baguma’s sister told the BBC at her funeral in Uganda. Her death in Scotland prompted calls for changes to the UK’s asylum system. Charity Positive Action in Housing (PAIH) , which along with other charities had been helping her, said she was “effectively destitute” as she was unable to get a job because her right to work in the UK had expired. The mood at the funeral in Bugiri, eastern Uganda, was sombre with people turning up despite coronavirus restrictions, the BBC’s Patricia Oyella reports. In August, Eric Nnanna, the father of Ms Baguma’s one-year-old son Adriel, called the police four days after he had last had contact with her. He was worried as he had heard the sounds of his son crying from inside her locked flat.