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Family Activities To Do At Home These Summer Holidays

  • 4 min read

If you’re staying home to stay safe this summer holiday, you’re going to need a few activities to keep you and your family entertained when you’re done watching the entire Netflix catalogue. Here are five family-friendly activities to try to ensure maximum enjoyment and entertainment. 

  1. Google is your friend

Google is more than the search engine we all rely on for answers to life’s various questions. The company has a number of separate apps and programmes that will go a long way in helping you keep entertained indoors. For example, take a look at the Play Store and see what fun games the editors are recommending this week. There are so many games that everyone in the family can enjoy. Also, give the Google Podcasts app a try. Here you will find podcasts on everything from storytelling to meditation to true crime. There is something for everyone! And of course, YouTube is always there for video entertainment, while Google Books and Google Movies can also be used if you’re willing to purchase some of these items. 

  1. Cook up a storm

Create cooking challenges for you and your family. It could be a potjie competition, a bake-off or even pizza night. Order the ingredients for delivery to your door with grocery delivery services such as Yebo Fresh and create a family feast. For those with younger children who aren’t yet able to cook or help much in the kitchen, get them to be the judge of the competition and allow them to score each dish on their own scoring system. This not only gets everyone involved in making dinner, but it turns the entire process into a game rather than a chore. 

  1. Game on, game night 

Create a games night either with board games or games that you can download off the internet. Set it up so that everyone has a chance to play most of the games. Games such as 30 Seconds, Jenga and Monopoly are always favourites among the younger ones in the family. If you’re not keen on board games, consider creating games using items in your house – in a Minute-to-Win-It style – and there could be a family champion. This could be repeated every few months to ensure that everyone can compete for the title. 

  1. Travel from your couch

Airbnb has made it possible to travel and meet new people from other parts of the world, from the comfort of home. With online experiences, you can book a magic show in the USA, a cooking class in Mexico, a tarot reading in India or a concert in the Netherlands. All of these experiences can be booked and experienced online, so there’s no need to leave the house, nevermind the country! And there are so many options to choose from – many of which can be enjoyed by the whole family. 

  1. Set up a cheese and wine tasting

If you’re not keen to go out for a cheese and wine tasting, why not set one up at home? Select a few wines and some delicious cheese to pair it with, and use your dining room, yard – or whichever room you choose – to set it all up. For the under-18s, substitute the wine with grape juice so that everyone in the family can be part of the experience. Have some fun trying to see which cheese pairs best with the wines that you choose. You can take this activity as seriously as you wish – or don’t take it seriously at all and simply make things up as you go along. As long as everyone has a great time. 

With these activities and things to do, you’re bound to have a fun family time this summer. You and everyone in your household will soon see that you’re not stuck at home – you’re safe at home.