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Families In KZN Displaced Due To Extreme Weather Conditions – How You Can Help

The recent onslaught of heavy rains and extreme weather conditions in KwaZulu-Natal has left a trail of destruction in its wake. Countless families have lost their homes and are now seeking refuge and safety in local community halls. As the affected areas grapple with the aftermath of the tornado and flooding, non-profit food redistribution organisation, FoodForward SA is calling on all South Africans to come together and lend a helping hand to those in need.

The National Weather service issued multiple weather warnings across many parts of KwaZulu-Natal as heavy rains battered the province. Yellow Level Two weather warnings were issued for the south-eastern parts of the province, while an orange Level Six warning remains in effect for the Ugu district. These warnings highlight the severity of the conditions, urging residents to remain cautious and prepared for the challenges that the coming weather may bring.

With a major distribution warehouse in Pinetown, FoodForward SA is receiving and transporting donated supplies to the affected people. The NGO is appealing to all public and corporate entities in South Africa to donate – non-perishable groceries, blankets, mattresses, water, toiletries, and baby food, to the organizations warehouse located at 23 Gillitts Road, New Germany, Pinetown.

“What a devastating scene. Many families have been displaced and housed in local community halls. FoodForward SA is responding by providing warm meals at the community halls. Our staff are on site this morning and working with disaster management and our local social partners to provide support to those in need.

Please support our call to action to assist the people affected. We need blankets, mattresses, water, toiletries, baby food, and non-perishable groceries” comments Andy Du Plessis, FoodForward SA.

In addition to physical donations, there are other ways to contribute. For more information or to arrange an alternative donation, please contact FoodForward SA at 021 531 5670 or send an email to