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Fake News Checker Made by Angolan Innovator

Angolan startup Simpluz Tecnologias has launched Nuxo, an artificial intelligence (AI)-based solution that uses a machine learning algorithm to allow users to quickly and accurately identify fake news. The Luanda-based Simpluz Tecnologias has a track record of fighting fake news, having launched news aggregator Manifexto in 2017. But with the proliferation of fake news increasing, and fact-checking being a time-consuming activity, it decided to move from its “traditional” approach of fact-checking news to an automated one. This has resulted in the launch of Nuxo, a simple tool to combat the dissemination of fake news. The platform can analyse news in virtually any language and can be used by anyone in the world. It’s available on Facebook, and for free using the zero-rated Facebook Zero initiative. A link to a news article is the only thing Nuxo needs. Users send a link, which Nuxo then identifies whether or not is fake news. The platform was initially trained with a database of over 10,000 news articles, all of which pre-identified as true or false.