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Facebook Moderator Takes Meta On

A former Facebook content moderator from Kenya filed a lawsuit against Facebook’s parent company, Meta. The former employee has accused Meta of poor working conditions, including irregular pay and insufficient mental health support for contracted content moderators. The ex-Facebook content moderator worked for the company through Sama, a local outsourcing agency. The complainant, Daniel Motaung claims that Sama fired him shortly after he tried to form an employee union. The Kenyan lawsuit was filed on behalf of Daniel Motaung, recruited in 2019 from South Africa to work for Sama in Nairobi. Motaung says he was not given details about the nature of the work reviewing Facebook posts before his arrival. The first video Motaung remembers moderating was a beheading. The disturbing content piled up, but Motaung says his pay and mental health support were inadequate. Motaung’s lawyers said that Meta and Sama created a dangerous and degrading environment where workers were not given the same protections as employees in other countries. ast year, a California judge approved an $85 million settlement between Facebook and more than 10,000 content moderators who had accused the company of failing to protect them from psychological injuries resulting from their exposure to graphic and violent imagery.