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Eye Of Cyclone Freddy Moves Closer

The eye of tropical cyclone Freddy is currently somewhere in the Indian Ocean between Madagascar and Limpopo.

Two days ago, flights were grounded in Mauritius and emergency teams in four regions of Madagascar braced for heavy rains, floods and landslides.

Francois Engelbrecht, Professor of Climatology at the Wits Global Change Institute, says parts of Limpopo will see flooding on Sunday and Monday because of the cyclone.

Engelbrecht said, “what we should be concerned about is that its going to be quite slow moving so by midday on Saturday we expect remnants which will still be powerful to be almost on that border of the Limpopo province with Mozambique and Zimbabwe.”

“So it means it will bring rains to the Limpopo river basin, the Inkomati river, those are most likely going to be in flood by Sunday. In lower Limpopo flood situation by Monday. It takes time for the water to find its way downstream. But the question is how severe is the flooding going to be specifically in the lower Limpopo and Inkomati rivers.”