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Exploring Innovative Solutions to the Pressing Challenges Faced by Africa’s Workforce

Africa’s leading payroll and HR technology company, SeamlessHR, in collaboration with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, recently hosted the top echelon of employers of blue-collar workers in Nigeria in an exclusive event to discuss the optimisation of blue-collar employee welfare and productivity through a new technology solution. At the engagement, SeamlessHR unveiled Breeze Payer, a cutting-edge application for employers that will enable drive talent retention among their employees through solutions like Earned Wage Access. This platform enables employers of blue-collar workers to efficiently manage their payroll, facilitate salary and wage disbursements, and connect their workforce to the market of financial value-adding services. The top-of-the-table solution allows employees to access their salaries before payday and manage financial emergencies without paperwork and at a lower cost. Additionally, the platform helps wage earners build their credit history, which can facilitate access to larger loans with longer tenors and improve their overall financial well-being.