Be Smart About South Africa

Exploring Africa’s Deep Blue Sea from Your Couch

Beth Neale, a four-time South African freediving champion from the KwaZulu-Natal south coast and her partner Miles Cloutier spent four months from November last year to February this year capturing underwater footage in Mozambique and the Maldives for a first of its kind reality television series to air on PPL°WX - People's Weather on DSTV and Open View. Picture: Don Hunter

South African freediving couple Beth ‘The Mermaid’ Neale and Miles ‘Aquaman’ Cloutier go on an unimaginable underwater journey in the first-ever freediving reality TV series called ’Freediving Diaries’. The show will consist of 10 episodes. Viewers will see Beth and Miles’ experiences of freediving on the coasts of Mozambique and the Maldives. Beth, a four-time South African freediving champion from the KZN South Coast, explained that one of the series’ goals is to promote the many dedicated people and organisations at the forefront of ocean conservation and eco-tourism.


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