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Explore the Beautiful Crafts and Textiles Emerging Now from Africa

Africa has always been home to an amazing diversity of crafts and textiles, but distribution challenges historically prevented them from getting to global consumers. Recently, however, as the fascination with African design has taken hold across the world, an increasing array of African home goods are making their way into interiors well beyond the continent. Akojo Market prints is the story of everything that they sell, whether that is embroidery by the women of The Milaya Project which supports South Sudanese refugees living in Uganda by creating opportunities for them to sell their crafts, intricately-carved spoons made by the Makonde tribe which show the beauty of African Blackwood, indigo throws handwoven and hand dyed by the Dogon people of Mali, delicately-hued towels made from hand spun Ethiopian cotton – and more. Other sites worth exploring are Lola & Mawu which has a wide selection of accessories, Creative Journey Rugs for Moroccan and authentic Berber rugs, Urbanstax and Adire African Textiles for fabric and Asafo Flags, for – you’ve guessed – Asafo flags.