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Experts Warn Elections Could Be A COVID-19 Superspreader Event

Stellenbosch University doctors warn the local government elections could become a COVID-19 super spreader event if people don’t get vaccinated by 01 November.

They say a fourth wave of infections can be prevented if more people get the jab.

The doctors are working in high care and ICU units at Tygerberg Hospital.

More than 95-percent of their current patients have not been fully vaccinated.

Virologist, professor Wolfgang Preiser believes everyone on the planet will eventually get the virus.

“Those who are vaccinated are largely protected and if enough of us are immune then this will also help protect the others,” he said.

“Eventually in a few years from now, and I hope these won’t be painful and terrible years like we have been through now, SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19 will become a common cold virus.”