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Experts Warn Against Easing Of Restrictions

President Cyril Ramaphosa is widely expected to relax lockdown restrictions.

But, some medical experts warn it may be too soon.

The National Coronavirus Command Council is expected to meet with political parties and religious bodies.

South Africa is currently on adjusted level three lockdown.

The curfew and sale of alcohol are expected to be amended.

But some scientists say not enough people have been vaccinated.

“My sense is that, considering the fact that, we have been under lockdown for such a long time it’s possible that the population needs some sort of respite, said Professor, Mosa Moshabela from the University of KwaZulu-Natal.

“I also think that it is possible that there is sort of preparation from the economic point of view to increase population activity but my view is that we would have been better off focusing on driving up vaccination and delaying relaxation of the lockdown levels to level 2.”