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Eton Apologises for its Racist Past

The headmaster of Eton College has told the BBC he is “appalled” by the racism experienced by the first black person to complete his studies at the prestigious British public school. Nigerian writer Dillibe Onyeama obtained his school-leaving certificate from Eton in 1969. He wrote a book about the racism he experienced at the school and was subsequently banned from visiting. Head Master Simon Henderson said “we have made significant strides since”. But he acknowledged that there was “more to do”. Mr Henderson made the apology after the BBC contacted the school to seek a response to a feature it has published by journalist Adaobi Tricia Nwaubani about Onyeama’s experiences and his thoughts on Black Lives Matter. The headmaster said that he would invite Onyeama to meet him in order to apologise in person and “to make it clear that he will always be welcome at Eton”. Onyeama told the BBC that the apology was not necessary and did not change his view of Eton, which on the whole was positive.