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Ethiopians Continue to Flee from Troubled State

The U.N. refugee agency (UNHCR) reports some 800 Ethiopians have arrived in eastern Sudan since the start of the New Year. This brings the total number of refugees who have fled Ethiopia’s conflict-ridden Tigray region to more than 56,000 since early November. The number of daily arrivals is lower than at the start of the crisis when fighting in Tigray was particularly intense and thousands were fleeing every day. Nevertheless, the UNHCR sees no let up to the violence, abuse and dangers confronting area civilians. The agency says more than 30% of the refugees are younger than 18 and 5% are older than 60. Two reception centers located near the border with Ethiopia are overcrowded and pose a security risk to the refugees. Consequently, the UNHCR, its partners and Sudan’s Commission for Refugees are relocating the refugees as quickly as possible to a new site deeper inside Sudan.