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Ethiopian Jewelers Take US, Europe and Asia Markets

Ethiopian startup Yenaé is building a fashion jewellery brand that offers culturally curated and African-inspired collections to customers all over the world. Launched by two female Ethiopian-American entrepreneurs, Felekech Biratu and Seble Alemayehu, Yenaé was established in December 2015 but officially launched in November 2018. Biratu is based in Addis Ababa while Alemayehu lives in the United States (US), with Yenaé looking to connect the two. Self-funded thus far, Yenaé is selling its products in the US and Ethiopia, and though it is giving no numbers away Alemayehu says it has had a “great reception”. “We have been overwhelmed with the reception in terms of our collection’s modern design appeal, the versatility concept, our branding and gift-ready packaging. There has also been appreciation for the product’s historical background,” she said. Yenae has been able to expand its reach beyond North America to parts of Europe, Australia and Asia.