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Ethiopian Airlines Announces a Deal with Boeing

The company will buy 20 737 MAX aircraft, as well as 11 additional 787 Dreamliners during the Dubai Air Show. The east African airline CEO Mesfin Tasew, says it’s only the beginning. “This is just the first phase. We expect to do another round of fleet renewal process in the coming a few years, which we expect to order additional aeroplanes.” Asked about the 2019 MAX crash, Mesfin Tasew speaks of renewed confidence in the single-aisle aircraft. “The accident on the max (737-max) that happened before four years was a very, very sad accident. It has left a big scar in our memory, and we always feel sad for the victims of that accident. We have checked and confirmed that the design defect of that aircraft has been fully corrected by Boeing, and we have renewed our confidence in that aircraft.” Boeing described the sale as the largest-ever purchase of Boeing aeroplanes in African history, without disclosing a price point for the deal.